Opening weekend 2022

The walleye opener was a bit challenging for most people this year. With late ice out, post spawn fish, big storms and 25 degree temp swings the 2 days leading up to the opener I was expecting a bit of a tough bite. The typical walleye opener tactics of rigging the sand with leeches and shiners was a tough go this year. The folks pitching jigs snd shiners also had a slower than usual opener. The folks willing to stay up late and fish into the middle of the night did well. I fished 7am-3pm both Saturday and Sunday with my group. It took a few hours Saturday to figure things out. I switched over to a really slow presentation and that started trigger bites. It wasn’t great but we could get 3-4 bites per hour that way and end up landing 20-25 fish in a day. Things will improve as the weather warms up. The post spawn fish to recover and start getting a little more active

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The last week or so the morning and daytime walleye fishing has been pretty slow going, but the evening bite has been pretty darn good. I believe the walleyes are on the move. As always there will be