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My Fish Guarantee Policy

As far as I know I am the only guide on Mille Lacs willing to stand behind this Guarantee. But don't hold your breath because in over 20 years of Guiding on Mille Lacs my boat has never been skunked! If you want to catch fish and you are not picky about the species. Then trust me to take you out fishing. I will let you know what is the hot bite whether it's Walleye or Bass we will bend those rods and have a good time.


If the boat does not catch any fish during

 your guide trip of a minimum 6 hour booking

 then I will refund your money! We will catch fish!

DNR restrictions can void Guarantee Policy

The MN DNR has put serious restrictions on the lake during the summers the

the last few years. If the MN DNR declares that no live bait is allowed during certain time frames

 this summer, I will not be offering a catch fish guarantee during those times

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