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Pat Burch Professional Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Guide

   Hi, I am Pat Burch and I have been fishing Mille Lacs for over 30 years. I began guiding and fishing tournaments on Mille lacs about 20 years ago. I have done very well in tournaments which has crossed over into making me a very busy guide with limited time to fit tournaments into my schedule anymore. I truly love guiding! Meeting new people and putting smiles on their faces as they catch some of the biggest Walleyes and Smallmouth bass they have ever seen in their life is truly a Joy!


I am a native born Minnesotan that has always had a love for fishing and the outdoors. I am a fishing guide in the summers and spend the off-season as a Physical Education teacher and coach.  I love to teach whether it's at school or on the boat.! I am very patient with beginners and kids and love to teach the basics of fishing to them.  I am also a very successful tournament angler with an arsenal of walleye tactics up my sleeve and I enjoy sharing these tactics  with the more seasoned anglers to help them put a few more fish into the boat. I always have 12-16 fishing rods in my boat rigged and ready to go with 3-4 different presentations. I believe adapting to changing conditions throughout the day is what can make a good day on the water a  great day on the water.

Walleye Tournament Highlights
Pat Burch and Jason Betzler winners of the 2007 MTT walleye championship

My partner and I placed in the top 10

3 straight years in the Minnesota Tournament Trail Walleye championships 

  • 2007 MTT Walleye Championship          1st Place

  • 2008 MTT WalleyeChampionship           5th Place

  • 2009 MTT Walleye Championship           8th Place

Other Top 5 Finishes

  • 2008 Hunters Point-  Mille Lacs -2nd Place

  • 2008 MTT Pool 4 -  2nd Place

  • 2009 MTT Mille Lacs - 2nd Place

  • 2010 Hunters Point-  Mille Lacs - 3rd Place

  • 2011 MTT Big Stone Lake - 5th Place

  • 2012 MTT  Lake of the Woods -  2nd Place

  • 2018 MTT Mille Lacs - 2nd Place

  • 2018 MTT Mille Lacs - 1st Place

  • 2018 MTT Lake of Woods - 1st Place

  • 2019 Hunters Point  - 3rd Place

Mille Lacs Fishing Videos

 Below are some TV episodes I have done with good friend Jon Thelen on Mille lacs lake, Using a variety of walleye fishing techniques. Follow Lindy Fish Ed and destination Fish-on TV Sunday mornings on Bally Sports/ formerly known as Fox Sports or Online via the Lindy Fish Ed or Destination Fish You-tube channels

Mille Lacs mid summer spinner fishing tactics

MIlle Lacs lindy rigging tactics

Mille Lacs  power corking tactics

Windy day on Mille lacs use heavy bell sinker spinner fishing

August Mille Lacs Leadcore trolling tactics

Mille Lacs Mid Summer big baits, trolling for big fish 

Mille Lacs fall Smallmouth Bass fishing shows using big minnows

Drag to the 15:27 mark of this TV show for the Mille Lacs smallmouth bass segment
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