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Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Info and Regulations

Walleye Fishing Info

Mille Lacs lake is well known for its production of BIG walleyes 25-30 inch size walleye can be found. Along with the allure of the big walleyes in the lake we have plenty of walleyes that are in the 19 -22 inch range and these walleyes are plentiful all over the lake.

2024 Mille lacs walleye regulations are catch and release until August 16th at which time you can keep 1 walleye between 21-23 inches or 1 over 28 inches

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

mille lacs lake smallmouth bass

Its no secret anymore. We guides have known for years that this is a world class smallmouth bass fishery. Now the Bassmasters Tournament series has caught on. The top Bass Fishing pros in the world were here for The 2016 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Tournament at Mille Lacs Lake and they put up some serious Bassmasters record weights and they came back again in 2017 and did it again

2024 Mille Lacs Bass regulations

Beginning May 11, 2024 through May 24, 2024, all bass must be immediately released. Beginning May 25, 2023, all bass greater than 17 inches must be immediately released. Limit of three in combination. Smallmouth harvest ends Sunday, Sept. 8

Northern Pike Fishing

mille lacs lake northen pike

Special regulations are in effect for Northern pike. The possession limit is 3. All northern pike over 30 inches must be released. Big Pike in the 38-42 range can be found in our lake although the majority of the pike swimming in our waters range 4-6 lb . I do not guide for pike or muskie specifically but we do catch them occasionally while fishing for Walleye or Bass

Mille Lacs Area Weather

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