July 15th- 30th

Well it sure is nice to be able to use live bait again. The walleye bite on calm days has been very good. With the use of live scope. I have been spotting fish out 30-50 ft from the boat and casting bobbers and leeches to them. This has been a great tactic. This year has been one of those years where the fish are really spooked by the boat, Making it tough to go over the top of them Lindy rigging.

The bass bite has been really good as well. They are on all kinds of depths right now. You can get them shallow still in that 5-8 ft range with Ned rigs and you can also target big deep boulders using drop shots, tubes or just bobber them with a crawler or a Leech.

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The last week or so the morning and daytime walleye fishing has been pretty slow going, but the evening bite has been pretty darn good. I believe the walleyes are on the move. As always there will be