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Great end to the holiday week

Its been an extremely busy week of fishing. It was a crazy up and down weather week. A couple of hot calm 90 degree days followed by cool very windy days. Through all those changes and brutal winds the walleye were still cooperating. Not the crazy June 50-75 fish days but still most days we are getting 30-40 walleye in a 6 hour trip. Mornings have been very good from 7am till about noon. The technique is pretty simple drive the structure at 20-25mph find the fish turn around and drop the livescope down to find the school then throw bait on them and catch the few active fish in the school then move on and repeat. The live scanning technology truly is a game changer in targeting fish.

I did an hour or so of smallmouth fishing at the end of some trips this week. Still getting them on ned rigs but they have moved out a bit deeper. Instead of the 5-7 ft rocks it seems the bigger ones have moved out into that 9-12ft range and even deeper. We even caught several nice smallmouth while walleye fishing the mud flats.

Dont be afraid to book a middle of the summer trip. That old adage about the dog days of summer simply isnt true. I know where to go and what to do as the summer progress and you will catch fish!

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