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2nd Place in MTT over the weekend

Still just an amazing bite. My fishing partner and I placed 2nd over the weekend in the Minnesota Tournament Trail Walleye Tournament on Mille Lacs with just over 33 lbs for our 5 fish. We continued to just fish the same patterns as I had been fishing since opener. We were one of the fish boats in the field not out fishing on the mudflats. I knew there was still some good fish that had not left the shallows yet and those were the fish we targeted in the tournament. The Lindy Live bait jig in 1/16 and 1/8 oz tipped with a shiner was the winning formula for us this day. Fishing on Walleye fishing on Mille lacs is just amazing. We are catching 50-70 walleye on a daily basis right now. Don't wait to long get up here and get some fishing in.

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