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Great start to the Mille Lacs Fishing season.

With the ice coming finally come off the lake on the weekend of the opener this year I wasn't sure what to expect for early season fishing, but it has been nothing but world class so far. The late ice made for some extremely clear waters to start out the season. This required a bit of change in techniques as you really had to get your presentation of bait away from the boat or you would spook the fish. The walleyes and the small mouth bass have been eating everything in site and the bite has been very good. So far this year I have taken a 1st place and a 2nd place finish in two walleyes tournaments on Mille lacs and have had a 5 fish average weight of over 7 lbs. WOW this catch and release stuff the last few years has really created a big fish factory. For those of you who went out with me last year, you can expect more of the same this year as all the big fish we released last year are still swimming in the waters of the big lake. Here are a few pics of this year.

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