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Mud flats are going crazy!

The walleye bite is ofically in suicide mode! The bite is incredible find fish on your graph put bait down and they bite. I have spent all of my time lately walleye fishing on the mud flats and the clients are having a blast. They can't keep track of how many fish we are catching because its constantly action with double and triple headers. Not sure what the DNR is thinking by telling the public that fish numbers in there nets are low so they need to shut down walleye fishing from July 7th - 27th. This is one of the better bites if not the best bite I have ever seen in 25 years on Mille Lacs. Don't let the Media fool you and tell you that fish numbers are down.!! Obviously the minnesota DNR has no clue how many fish are in the lake. Get up here and get in on the best fishing going in the nation.

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