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The DNR's Big Mille Lacs Lie!

The walleye fishing on mille lacs lake is world class right now, I would challenge anybody to name a lake that is kicking out numbers and size like mille lacs does everyday. It's such a shame for me to hear comments from clients that they thought this was the dead sea, The DNR along with the news media has the average person believing in their made up fairy tale of low walleye numbers. The walleye fishing up here is  

as good as it has ever been. You can ask any of my previous customers over the last several years and they will confirm what I say. It is very common for us to catch 30-40 even 50 or more walleyes per day with over half of those being 20-29 inchers. If you want to catch allot of fish and land that trophy of a lifetime then you owe it to yourself to ignore the DNR " fake news" and get up to mille lacs and check it out.

Here are some pics from just the last week. We have caught hundreds of walleyes and a ton of 24-29 inchers.

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