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Great Season so Far! Cmon DNR

Hard to believe as I am writing this that the MInnesota DNR is going to shut down the lake to walleye fishing in 2 days. Their reason is the lack of walleye numbers in the lake and they don't want many to die from anglers catching and handling fish in the hot weather of July. As Chris Carter would say " C'mom Man " where int he world is the DNR placing their nets that they think walleye numbers are down. This Holiday weekend we were still catching 50-60 walleyes per day. I had 8 over 28 inches in the last week. In the last tournament I did over the weekend I could barely get in the top 10 with 33.5 lbs for 5 fish. Not sure if it is politics or just improper scientific data that the DNR is using to make these decisions, but it is very obvious to anyone that has been up here to fish that the lake is so full of Walleye that I worry more about them dying off because they are going to eat all the bait in the lake and starve to death than anything else. I hope I am wrong and we have enough bait to sustain our great walleye population. Here are some pics of our big fish over the last week or so. I for one will take this 3 week reprieve to take my family on vacation, get some boat beautifying done and then go out and do some bass fishing. Can't wait till July 27th when we can get after the walleyes again.

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