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Mille Lacs Fishing Guide Service

Walleye and Smallmouth Bass Guide 

Hi Folks, Thanks for looking into a guided fishing charter with me. I work hard to be on the Walleye Tournament Trail and I am guiding or pre-fishing for tournaments nearly every day throughout the summer. I am one of the top walleye tournament anglers in Minnesota. You can see my accomplishments on my about me page. My passion is for chasing trophy Walleye's however I do mix in some bass or pike fishing into the day if walleye fishing is slow.  Please join me for a  "Memory Making" Guided Fishing charter on world famous Mille Lacs Lake.  Pat Burch - Your Guide
mille lacs lake fishing guide client with a big smallmouth bass
Mille Lacs Lake fishing Guide client with a big walleye
mille lacs fishing guide clients with a walleye
burchs guide service clients with 2 big walleyes

What is Provided

Professional & Insured Guide Service with 15 years of Guide Experience on Mille Lacs Lake

  • All Fishing Rods, reels, bait and tackle

  • Free Fish cleaning and packaging

  • Accommodating up to 4 people

  • Can arrange for big groups with Multiple Guides

  • 4hr, 6hr, 8hr and Multi-Day Trips Provided

  • Life jackets

  • Patient with kids and beginner fisherman

What to Bring

  • Fishing License

  • Rain gear

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Lip Balm

  • Camera

  • Drinks

  • Snacks

  • Ice

mille lacs lake big water boat for guiding

Be ready for a fun and dry day on the water with one of the biggest walleye boats made the WX 2190 Skeeter. This boat is loaded with the following accesories

  • Yamaha 300 Hp 4 stroke

  • Yamaha 9.9 Hp Kicker motor

  • Minnkota auto pilot trolling motor on front

  • Top of the Line Lowrance graphs/gps

  • Marine radio

  • Am/Fm radio and cd player

  • Full Windshield for a dry ride

  • 2 Smooth Move Suspension seats for an easy ride

  • Built in Cooler and lots of storage space.

  • Top of the line Fishing Poles and Reels

Top 5 things to look for when considering a Mille lacs Fishing Guide

#1 Type and Size of Boat - Be safe and Stay Dry

Mille Lacs is a very big lake and it is wide open. There are very few places to hide to get out the wind and fish. Choose a guide with a big safe boat that can handle the big water of lake Mille Lacs. The bigger heavier fiberglass boats and suspension seat systems can take on the conditions that Mille Lacs lake can offer without bouncing the clients around. If you want to stay dry even on just a normal wind day be aware that several guides on Mille lacs will guide you out of 20 foot no windshield tiller style boats. You will need to be dressed in full rain gear in these types of boats as any wind will create waves that crash over the side. I used to have that same type of boat and I know full well that you cannot keep your clients dry which is why I now run out of a 22 foot deep skeeter boat with full windshield and suspensions seats

#2 Guide Experience - Years of Experience pays off during changing conditions

How many years has the guide been guiding on Mille lacs lake? Where do you go out of on the lake? Do you guide exclusively on Mille Lacs lake or do you guide on other lakes as well?  These should be some of your first questions when choosing a guide for Mille Lacs lake. Many guides will run you over to Mille lacs because they hear of a hot bite going on in May or June but this guide is no where to be found on Mille Lacs durng the dog days of July or August. Do you really want to trust a guide that is fishing  lakes an hour or two away for the week then comes to Mille Lacs for a day to guide you? Some Guides only fish out of a certain resort and only can hope the best bite is always going in there little area of the lake. Choose a Guide that is Flexible and will travel to any area of the lake to get you the best bite going. Choose a guide that is on Mille Lacs lake everyday and has first hand knowledge of the bite and can adjust to the different conditions and fish patterns that can change in any given day. 

#3 Fishing Presentation - How do you like to fish?

Ask the Guide what is the typical type of fishing tactic you will be using during your trip. There are many 1 dimensional guides on Mille Lacs lake. We have several that will only troll or bobber fish for walleye. Of course certain times of year those styles may work best bet there is a great majority of our summer fishing season where you can catch fish in a variety of styles. One common way on mille lacs is to Lindy rig which many guides will not do with clients because it takes a lot of skill. Choose a guide that will be willing to fish the styles and techniques  that you enjoy. 

My basic presentations on Mille Lacs are varied and I usually have 12-16 fishing rods in my boat with different presentations ready to go. With me in May we do a lot of Jig and shiner fishing along with Lindy rigging leeches and then in the evening using some lighted bobber towards dark. As we get into July we still do some Lindy rigging but transition into pulling bottom bouncers and spinners. late July and August we will generally troll leadcore with crankbaits.

#4 Professionalism- What has your guide proven amongst the ranks

What is the guides "street credit" does the guide just talk a big game and tell everyone they know what they are doing or has the guide proven that they can get it done compared to other fisherman in the area? Does the Guide have credible fishing company sponsors,? Has the guide been featured on TV shows about how to catch fish on Mille Lacs?  Talk is cheap and winning or placing in the top 10 and earning money in tournaments proves the guide has the knowledge to put together a good day of fishing for you. I have several wins and top finishes through out my career and have been on TV on fox sports net with Lindy Fish Ed and with midwest outdoors TV over the years.

#5 Personality- Might be #1 once you find that guide that you enjoy spending a day with

I know it can be difficult to determine a guides personality via an online website. The best options are to read customer reviews on google, get recommendations from friends, watch some video of your guide on TV or Youtube, read up on what other interests the guide has and of course call and talk with the guide on the phone to get a sense of how compatible you may be with them for a day on the water. I know that makes it sound like a dating service but do you really want to be stuck with someone on a boat for 8 hours that is a talkative know it all, a quiet grumpy person, a guide that fishes and catches most of the fish while you watch or an impatient angry guide that gets mad when you have a fish get off. Your goal is to find a patient fishing guide that wants you to have a great day on the water and puts your interests above all else to make sure you enjoy your day.